(no title)

a closer look

where I

wanted to know

what a song about an angel could sound like

its brought me to

a mute edge

in a dampened glimmer



gated now


wish we could cease

to exist as two

lying side by side

we two angels

heartily ripping our feathers out

individually, glassy

mirrored to a mend

of radiant tender murder

cry in devouring

both two in fear

now dispatching

and to see the downey fall

gently to the nethers

to butcher anew

And How Proud

of here

our soft precision



dove of hope

sharpens his


we watch him

brutally slaughter

a crowd


to turn on itself

and the air

with a gentle snow

of down and gore

to deliver all of our promises



i love my circles


waist deep and wanting

how empty


how can i


but how i


love my circles

an eye for an eye

at a low

to pretend a high

a cure for anxiety:

count every seed

a challenge to beacon

To an out

Above a


One at a time

to flee the pasture


i love my circles


waist deep and wanting

how empty



but how i


love my circles

an eye for an eye

my hovering low

and false to a a high

once a

a cure for anxiety (try)

count every seed

(here's my of the strawberry)

Halve towards to total

One at a time

a sum of the gentle sheath

Under the window

i love

my circles swallowing


deep and wanting

how empty how how

can i


but how i


i love my circles

an eye for an eye at my low

and pretend there?s a high

a cure to try

to count every seed on the strawberry





group 558

a volume of supplies

                    nearly equal

a volume of

                    total volume

a reluctant convert

the sea in the fifth month of 1959

did its work well


My t shirt, which reads and Everyday, I get one step closer towards Providence

on the loudspeaker:

We have the side curtains, so if

the sun is in Your Eyes

check Libby's pocket

we could try to turn on the moon

and only                                        dusk

Heaven knows what                     night

if I will meet my doom or my maker

tonight as I pick up the weight of it

in order to lean my own weight

down into it

if I can

if i could

if i would

if i should


-lows in the deep and

how is my hole here

on the loud speaker:

They have the side curtains, so if

the light is in My Eyes

how                            check Libby's pocket

lonely                         They could try to turn off the sun

and only

Heaven knows what

if she will meet her doom or her maker

tonight as she picks up the weight of it

in order to lean her own weight

down into it


please dont marsh me

I?m a raw oyster on my way to

my marriage with my abalone

I cherish my warm lump and

I Do

Out on glass beach

we shard our mucous before the

Mosey and

In the communal garden

Abalone can ask me to remove

the pearl and shell and

Here I come running

with my hammer and froth

Trapped in a vine of stumble and fall

Place ourselves in the wet cement to

dry impermanence

Once, we seeped back into a

Real Utopia and had it all for


But I neglected a cork to pop

Abalone is a muscle of frown

The kelp is disfigured on the coast

My rawness has begun to rot

The hull turns a dark hue

Glass is gone from the beach

in a token of good

Will myself to

Keep myself

Abalone was tough to chew.


Where is my place

Two red dominos design

To grow my hair out long

A conspiracy under the bed it feels

strange to call out

and where?s my

Jingle of bells

I escaped my favorite toxic waste

Sorry to say i miss the filth and I?ll mold this too

My liking flirts as I watch a peep

and a slip


Wouldn?t we all love it there, do you??



Cry all your tears into a cup

We will take it to the de-

salinifier and this is your water

ration for the week

Your face is so red and puffy

This is how we know you?re

cheating our system

You should know by now

the more you cry

the more dehydrated

you will become

(tomorrow you can be our brightest cynic)



Every morning the animated claw

selects me from my womb

Pulled up

To bottle feed by machine

One little piggy

Slam on the snooze only makes the

nightmare five minutes longer

Re up for one more sunrise

At one PM

I could stay up all night

for my industrial bang

knowing the crane always comes for me




can a flower bloom dried?

at least then

it will wilt collectively

under the taut green

this here is my first and

newest son

sitting below the window sill

there's not much light that comes through here

but this afternoon he has entrusted forward

one thousand new spires

and his conical reflections

the shadows of which

will feed me throughout the season



that new trumpet sounds

soaring !

it pulls the tip upwards towards

an infinite

its replicating the moment

you realize you could be



in love

to swallow it all whole and expect a different outcome

isn't that insanity?

to have this trumpet on

well it mimics experience


xxxix (the how and why of things)

is so so plush

i like to sink in

fill my legs to the knees in this thick skin rug

faking relaxation into the folds

anything to be embalmed


consumption is soft after ive been tight in the chest

Trying to to

Relearn how breathing is done

i saw all my blood in my own eyes

and couldnt


handle the weight of her cavalier words

remember how we gutted the frog

and looked at the mechanics of the sheeps pupil

the rush of air into the frontal to sends me



My friend

Marked and dated

On time

Each Mysterious bruise



A conundrum

"Good Things Take Time"

Our friend-ship

My body

These matisse backs line the entrance

Each point on myself reveals your development

The shakier your hand

The confidence of concision

Using"Remember" ---

trying to reach that distance,

This is how we did



Some days I lay so awake

A creature of the night

I am

Your little devil

Here to restore the worldly orders

of ineptitude

and faith

Do you dare return to whence you came?

The caverns and tarmac glisten

With an oil slicked sheen

It hasn't been this warm before,

Each day is a record

My worry is winged and I am


Since the last day, I have never

been released from a hunger

The plentitude  of the plaintiff


How may I help

They asked

Faces pressed against

a clamor and a din



The origin of my fantasy ??

I found it on the cover of my first cd

That liquid slides

Into a slap


I think my liquid obsession

Began with the strokes

And ended in Elbow length latex



licking my wounds

In January

It's sixty degrees today

With pouring light

Glorious! Everyone is shouts from

the st to my bedroom

I'm here on the couch

Coughing blood and


fast downing jars of honey

Running t tree over my open sores

Trying to remember when my luck

first ran out

Where i left my wallet

How my body has collapsed from

under me



Let's think about flip flop

flip attempts to leave his pool

His ungainly legs bow

Now out from him

Like his knees have multiple bends

at their own will and volition

So then attempting as a youth

To go farther with Blue flippers

We replicate this experience

Please Do Not Run

You will leave and

Vice verse


J train

Presence is suffocating

Where one cannot leave

In fear of entering another

For this you must

Wake before the dawn

Or far far afterwards

Survive against the current

By living nocturnal

Your train car will be littered with

coffee cups


And hats

As you prepare to tuck in

To a delicious rest